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An Investing Adventure Started in 2008

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Our Top Missions

At Despenso we believe in people. All of our holdings start from an analysis of the management teams bringing forward an opportunity, if we believe in their passion, their drive and their competence, we believe in their company. Investment in Despenso is investment in brilliant people.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Despenso Capital Management is a family investment vector which has approximately $40 million of assets under management. Despenso focuses on investment opportunities backed by direct hands-on experience of the founders, with a prevalence for high tech opportunities. Despenso’s investor base includes the beneficiary owners family assets, other family office funds, and high net-worth individuals closely linked with the founder’s family. Our firm is headquartered in Cyprus, and maintains offices in Hong Kong, Munich (Germany), and soon Los Angeles (USA).

Clever System

Since its inception in 2008 Despenso’s has focused on investment according to our proprietary strategy and philosophy of investing in people’s ideas and passion.

Smart Diversification

Despenso’s holdings span from tradition manufacturing industry to high tech ventures, and no individual holding representing more than 5% of portfolio.

The Alpha factor

Despenso’s developed its own rating factor called Alpha, a mix of revenue and dividend compared to current capitalisation.

Proven Track Record

Since its inception in 2008 Despenso’s portfolio has recorded a minimum year on year 8% performance, and 5% above S&P 500.

Experienced Professional

Despenso’s investment advisors are all experienced professional with a direct hands-on management history in the industrial world.

We Are Everywhere

Our offices cover the entire globe, over Despenso’s reach the sun never sets.